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Family news

In case you've not heard, Laura is in hospital following a pulmonary embolism. She has been moved out of intensive care to coronary care unit. The girls are with her sister.

From H's e-mail:
Just to let you know that Laura is quite unwell at the moment.
She has suffered a pulmonary embolism (PE) (look it up on the net, its
not nice reading that I don't feel like copying and pasting here).
She is currently stable but still very ill and under close observation.
Visiting is limited to immediate family only, and if you would like an
update on her condition then the best way is contact me on 01538 308038
or 07802 724701. As I am spending a lot of time at the hospital expect
to get my answer phone in both cases, so leave a message and I will get
back to you as and when I can.

She seems more stable & cheerful today, apparently

It sounds like Laura and her family have had a very difficult time - we've sent our best wishes via Henry and we hope she continues to recover

Simon and Liz

Brief update
She's been moved to the chest ward, may be allowed home next week (they prefer to reduce risks of super bugs ...), but it will be a while before she's really better.

They really appreciate the response of supportive messages