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Welcome Delphine Bazalgette

Welcome to Delphine, our newest member. Dephine is from the original French branch of the family, although we don't yet have the direct connection between her family and the English branch.

However, Delphine's grandfather Jean did apparently attend at least one of the Bazalgette Jamborees held in Anduze by my grandparents (Jack & Jo) in the 1970s.

- was your grandfather in the gendarmerie - near Bordeaux? If so, I remember my parents talking about him! But there are several Jean Bazalgette!! One was a racing cyclist, from Alès, another wrote under the name Jean Bazal ... and I believe there is/was one with Crédit Agricole!

Dear Simon, Dear Evelyn,

I think there was a pb with my 1st message so I try again. is an excellent idea and I am glad to be in contact with you. My grandfather Jean was indeed in the Gendarmerie near Bordeaux until he retired in Aveyron. He died in 1994 but I am sure the rest of the family will be glad to hear of your website.

I am the daughter of his son, Jean-Pierre.

All the best


Soyez la bien-venue, Delphine!

Apparamment, on a des métiers similaires - je suis "experte" dans des domaines qui ont à voir avec le devéloppement, la parité etc, et je travaille souvent (mais pas assez souvent!) avec des ONG - Mon frère, John, me dit qui vous travaillez pour une ONG en Allemagne?

Je pars bientôt pour un travail en Bulgarie ...



Hi , so I try again : happy new year (with some delay :)) as I now notice that the messsages I thought I had sent are nor published...

My brother Thibaud is in London for 6 months. He would be happy to meet some family members.

His email is (I don t have his mobile with me)). Best,


Again - I am glad to see that it works (or I've understood how it works) and to be in contact again with you.

All the best from Germany,


Dear Delphine

It's good to know that your brother is coming to London. I've tried to email him at the address you gave but have had the message returned. I'll experiment a bit to see if I can get through.

Best wishes
John Bazalgette

Sorry it was

All the best, Delphine