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Jean Louis Bazalgette Web-bio

Just an update for anyone wondering about the progress of this effort.

The good news is that my recent researches have turned up a great deal of new information. All these lines have to be followed up, and some of them are taking very unexpected directions indeed. This information all has to find its way into the chronology. Only after a few years of data has been inserted do I feel that it is possible to write another chapter. The fact that I have so much information to process is good in the long run but not so good in the short run. In parallel is the research into Captain Joe's life, and this also has been quite productive.

Hopefully, therefore, the long wait will be worth while.

Charles - I'm sure it will be worth the wait. If there are any tit-bits to tease us with, feel free to post them on the board!

With best wishes


For followers of the frantic adventures of JLB I have added some stuff at the end and a bit in the middle (in 1799 Louis purchased the most coveted trout fishery in England). The bits at the end also involve property, with some further illumination of the famed 'property in Ireland and Jamaica' we all love to read in JLB's will. I hope these revelations were worth the wait.

The web-bio page is now unavailable. In fact it was quite out of date. Having decided that I will after all publish it in book form, it makes sense not to allow free access to the material on the web. I have to say that I hoped the web exposure would produce useful feedback in the form of exchanges of information, but this has been minimal. I'm still happy to answer any questions of course.

Apologies to those who have been following the story on the website.

The bio has nearly completed its first draft and I have gone public saying that it will be published next year, so I'd better get on with it!

I've started a Louis Bazalgette blog here:

It contains extracts from the book as well as different angles, concentrating at present on the tailoring aspect, which i am now having to get to grips with.

Please subscribe to this blog, add comments, and generally give the impression that there are people out there who are actually interested!

See you there I hope.

The latest news about the book is that it is nearly done. I am however waiting for some further research to be done in France and this seems to be taking forever. It looks as if the Claude Bazalgette who was Louis' ggfr may be the wrong one. It seems there were two Claudes, one a tailor and one a shoemaker, who were cousins and lived next door to each other in Ispagnac. One died and the other married his widow and knocked the two houses into one. These are the only snippets of information I have received so far.

Charles, thanks for the update and good luck with the research - we look forward to seeing the outocme.

With best wishes


My French researcher is still at it but she says that the previous genealogical research I had done on Louis' ancestors is full of errors. I am going to market the book myself since none of the other options gives me the control or the return that I want. The local university press will print it. The MS is being edited at the moment and then I have to do the layout and index and add the illustrations. It will be available either direct from our shop (Old Crow Books) or via Biblio. Amazon I don't like at all.

Charles - When you publish it we can send a message to all the registered users about it and letting them now how to buy the book.


Thank you Simon - that will be much appreciated!