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Corrections needed

John Evelyn Arnold Bazalgette died in Lasalle, Gard France

Joanna Frances Rowland was born in Dumka, Bihar, India

Love to all


Thanks E, the edits you made should be on the site.

Most registered users to the tree have the ability to edit or add to the tree. Changes made get sent to the tree administrators to check and approve - this is just to make sure that no big mistakes or duplications get made.

I would encourage members to add and amend the information on their branch of the tree and even to add biographical information or anecdotes in the Notes section for each individual.


I'm interested to know if you have any vital records of the Metiviers. The birth of Philipe Metivier is given as '1720, France' - has any evidence been found for this? I have found no denization record for him so it is by no means certain that he was not born in England. His daughter Catherine is quoted as being born in 1750 but her parents married in 1759 and she was a minor when she married Jean Louis Bazalgette. I have only seen her marriage and burial records and in neither is the middle name Theresa mentioned, so I'm curious where this came from. If these are guesses they shouldn't be in the tree.

Best wishes,

Charles, you are right that the 1720 date is a guess and derives from an early programme I used for the tree that wouldn't accept entries without a birth date.

As the current programme doesn't have that flaw I will amend the entry.


Hi Simon,
Ah, I understand. I always hope someone else has found something I didn't. I looked at the records of all the London French churches for Philipe and his wife (as published in the proceedings of the Huguenot Society) but without success. It seems the Metiviers came originally came from Saintonge, and as was a famous source of sailors, there are Metiviers all over the world. Hopefully something will turn up some time, since it is a mjor gap in our knowledge of this side of the family.
Best wishes,