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Harold Skinner Bazalgette

During some idle searching on, I have come across a Harold Bazalgette Skinner. He was born in 1882, son of Lt-Col Skinner of the Hampshire Regiment, educated at Bury St Edmunds school and appears as a Captain in the Indian Army in 1912.

Anyone know what the Bazalgette connection is?


Hi Simon,
I haven't heard of any Skinners in our tree but there may be a marriage we don't know about. There were one or two Bazalgettes who served in the Hampshire Regiment I think. Maybe the father served with one of these and used the name in honour of their friendship?

Interesting, Simon! Bury St Edmunds was the HQ of the Suffolk Regiment, I believe - the regiment that several generations of Bazalgette have been in! Your great grandfather, grandfather & father ... And I have some memories of Ma talking about Pop's parents living there at the time she & Pop got engaged.

Never heard of a Skinner family connection - the only "Skinners" I'd heard about from the parents were the ones famous in India, formed "Skinner's Horse" - mainly NWFP based, I believe. Maybe the Skinners were friends of Grandfather?