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JE Bazalgette coincidence

Looking at the recently published records of arrivals on passenger ships to New York, it appears that both JEA Bazalgette (my grandfather) and JE Bazalgette were on the same voyage of the SS Queen Elizabeth from Southampton to NY in December 1948.

They were third cousins once removed, so not close family but presumably were aware of the other on the 5-day trip?


Replying to this rather late, having just arrived at this board for the first time. But I thought it was interesting. JE Bazalgette must be my Uncle John, who would have been about 25 at the time, and in the RAF. He married his American wife Nell 6 or so years later, so this may be something to do with it. She is still alive and living in Naples, Florida. Their four children Mark, Paul, Naila and Adam also now live in the USA - and at least one of them, Mark, appears to be registered on this site. (Hello Mark, if you're reading this.)