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New Book about Sir Joseph Bazalgette

We have been contacted by the Mercat press which is publishing a new book about Sir Joseph:

Message: There is a new historical novel which features Sir Joseph Bazalgette as one of the pivotal characters. His idealism and social conscience are celebrated as well as his incredible achievements. The book is called "The Worms of Euston Square" and it is being considered by the BBC for a made-for-television movie. For more details see the website of the author, William Sutton.

There is also an audio clip which features the voices of actors portraying some of the main characters (including Sir Joseph Bazalgette) on the website.

I hope that you find this interesting and a tribute to a great man.
Please contact Caroline Taylor at Mercat Press for more details. (

I look forward to reading this. I very much enjoyed The Great Stink by Clare Clark, which very graphically covers a similar subject. Title shamelessly stolen from poor Mr Halliday, but then he didn't invent it either. I thought this book beautifully written, but not for those with weak stomachs.

Since Sir Joe became prominent again, the Bazalgette name is popping up in novels everywhere. For examples, try Google Book Search, which is becoming an invaluable research tool, by the way.

The first occurrence of a Bazalgette in print that I know of is the novel Mr Bazalgette's Agent by Leonard Merrick, his first book, published in 1888. It was originally going to be called The Mission of Miriam Lea.

I have a photocopy of the inside cover but have never seen a full copy or read it (it's no longer in print). I've no idea what the Bazalgette connection is.

I did have some correspondence with a US Professor who was an expert on Leonard Merrick which I will try to dig out and post when I have a spare minute.

Hmm, how about Charles Reade - Love Me Little, Love Me Long (1859)?
Anyone beat that? [}:)]

Didn't I give you the Merrick book this summer, Simon? I was sure I did! Not that it is that great a read!! But it was an old copy, belonged to Jean ...


It was a photocopy of the title page rather than the actual book.


I've seen a novel of about the same vintage as 'Mr Bazalgette's Agent' that Simon mentions, and it's called 'The Bazalgettes: A Tale'. Can't remember any other details, but I think my brother has it, and I'll check up on that when I get a chance. (It looked fearfully boring.)


The Bazalgettes (1936) - a spoof anonymous novel of 1870-6 by E.M. Delafield. There is a copy at my parents' home too