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Further information on John Bazalgette's family

I have had a dialogue recently with Mr. Garry D Shutlak, Senior Reference Archivist, Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, Halifax, NS, about another matter, but he very kindly did some lookups on the family of John Bazalgette. He had looked at our family tree and seen some discrepancies with his information.

Here is what he sent me:
You will find a biography of Colonel John Bazalgette( c.1784-1868/03/21) in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography on-line. His home located on the corner of Tower Road and Inglis Street was known as Belvidere or Belvedere . It was pulled down in about 1897 His children included

01. Herbert Sawyer (ba 1812/11/03 -1852/09-02)born Halifax, died Halifax

02. John Van Norden( 1814/09/13 - 1872/01/26) born Halifax, NS, died Oak Grove Aniery, England

03. Sarah Magdalene(1816/05/28- 1819/02/14) born Halifax, NS, died Halifax

04. Cecilia Jane( 1818/05/19 -1909/04/21) born Halifax, died Keverel, Devon
mrd: Major James Arthur Charles Gore, 1854/07/19 , Halifax, NS

05. Francis Sarah(0000/00/00 - 0000/00/00 born Halifax, ns, died
mrd: Captain James Fox Bland, 46 Regiment, St Marysbone Church, London

06. Louis Howe,(1819/11/02-0000/00/00) Halifax, NS - died Rangoon India
Captain 24th Regiment

07. Duncan(1821/02/04 - 1857/08/11) born Halifax, ns, died Wanganani, New Zealand
Captain 65th Regiment

08. William Joseph(1823/03/03 -1906/07/23 )born Halifax, ns, died Keverel, Devon
Lieut-Col. 37th Regiment

09. James Arnold(1824/12/15-1879/01/06)born and died at Halifax, NS
Paymaster( with rank of captain) 43rd Regiment
mrd 1869/06/04 at St Peter's Caversham, England Sarah Ellen, relict of late Lt. A J Creely, 43 Regiment
Sarah Ellen Bazalgette at 5 Villias, Arnerly Road, Arnley, 35 year, 1871/09/27
mrd 1872/11/09 at St Paul's Upper Norwood, England Sophia Louisa, relict of James Cogswell and daughter of M B Almon, Halifax
children: John Evelyn

10.Catherine Louise( ca 1825/00/00 -1921/03/21 )

11.George( ca 1829/00/00 - 1885/08/00)
Major Royal Marines
mrd: Louisa

12. Louisa Caroline(1830/00/00 -1830/12/240 4 months

13. Evelyn( ca 1834/00/00-1866/04/01), born Halifax, died Rajastan, India
Captain 95 Regiment

14. Sidney Augustus( ca 1836/00/00 - 1869/09/24 )born Halifax, died Egypt
mrd: Lucy___________
children: Lucy ba. 11 Feb, 1866

15 Caroline Emmeline ( ca 1836/00/00- 1891/00/00) born Halifax died Devon.

The birth dates I have recorded were taken from the baptismal registers of the Church of Saint Paul, Halifax and are accurate. Unfortunately, I think , the other children were baptized at the Garrison Chapel and none of the baptismal or marriage records survived. The death registers are held at Somerset House, London.

It is possible that we have this data somewhere but I copy it here in case there is any of it that we do not have.

Many thanks again from Mr Shutlak for his help.


Thanks for this Charles. I have updated the tree to take account of the new info here.


What I meant to say was not:
"Many thanks again from Mr Shutlak for his help."
"Many thanks again TO Mr Shutlak for his help."

Hello Wendy,

Unless you are older thanI thought, by my reckoning I think you may have some 'greats' missing.

Col John was the brother of my ggggfr Joseph William.
John's son James Arnold was therefore the 1st cousin of Sir Joseph.
My ggfr and Sir Joe's son was (Charles) Norman, who was therefore the 2nd cousin of John Evelyn.
My gfr (Charles) Ian was the 3rd cousin of William Thomas Arnold.
What relation are you to the above WTA?
Incidentally WTA's mother was Mabel Brooking. A while ago I was contacted by the Brooking Society. Do you know of them?

Hello Charles,
I don't think I'm older than you thought, 54 in November, but I haven't missed any greats as far as I know. In our branch I am the 6th generation from JL.
William Thomas Arnold is my mother, Dorothy Evelyn's, half brother therefore my half uncle. He is the product of my grandfather's first marriage to Mabel Constance Brooking. My grandfather was 60 when my mother was born in 1929.
My great grandfather is James Arnold and my great great grandfather is John Bazalgette.
I have confirmed this with the family bible which has written information and clippings from the Halifax Times and relevant newspapers of the time.
I have heard of the Brooking society but have not researched them yet.
My mother says her father referred to Sir Joseph as uncle and his father as great uncle Joseph
Regards Wendy
Hope this is correct

Hi Wendy,

I am sure it is correct. In fact I am a bit older than you, but I have the extra 'great' - i.e., Joseph RN is my ggggfr. A clue seems to be the longer generations in your family - e.g., children being born to older parents.