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A missing link

A few years ago my brother Andrew Jones was in touch with Charles about our branch of the family but as I have now found this very informative web site I thought I would add my link here.

My grandfather was John Evelyn Bazalgette son of James Arnold of Nova Scotia, and grandson of Col. John Bazalgette.
He married Mabel Brooking and had a son William Thomas Arnold who was killed age 21 at Ypres in 1917. He is mentioned on the Menin Gate. Mabel never recovered from her son's death and died. My grandfather remarried Dorothy Smith in 1928 and my mother Dorothy Evelyn Bazalgette was born on April 13th. 1929. She married William Jones in March 1952 and had 3 children, Wendy Christine born November 1954, Kathryn Dorothy born 1958 and Andrew Mark Bazalgette born 1964.
Evelyn is 78 and now a widow. She is the proud grandmother of 3 grandsons as each of her children have one son each. Andrew's son Matthew is the only child to have Bazalgette as part of his name.


Thanks for this information. At the moment the branch stops with Dorothy Evelyn so I will add the rest of the line when I have a chance.

If you have any additional information or extended family members then keep them coming and we'll keep expanding the tree.