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Family of James Pilton

Hello!, Everybody!I am looking for,and hoping to extend my Knowledge of the ancestry of James Pilton and Theresa Phylo Bergman who are presumably the paternal grandparents of my maternal great great grandmother Sarah Hamblin,(nee Pilton)born abt.1835,and the maternal grandparents of Sir. Joseph Bazalgette.

Regards Everyone

Julian Jacobs.


Welcome to the site. Most of the information we have is included in the family tree section of the site, and if you have additional information on the Pilton line I would be happy to add it.

Incidentally, your registration hasn't been completed because the e-mails bounced back - can you confirm your e-mail address to me (you can do it privately to and I'll see if I can fix it.

With best wishes


Hello Julian,

About a year ago I had a telephone call from a lady who said one of her sons would email me about the Piltons. Unfortunaely I lost her details and didn't hear from her again. Was that your mother?

The Piltons seem to have been wireworkers and there are several of the name who did this. Our James married Theresa Philo in Chelsea, and I am almost certain he was the James Pilton who had a garden ornament business in the King's Road. This seems to have been mainly ironwork, trellises, arches, fireguards etc, and James claimed to have invented the 'invisible fence', which was really just a plain wire fence with slim metal posts. Pretty much invisible when set up at a distance across the vista on one's country estate, and kept the sheep and deer off the roses.

We look forward to hearing any further Pilton details. I think they originated outside London - perhaps in the West Country but haven't followed them up - it needs some searching of parish registers.

Best wishes,

I happened to discover yesterday (London Gazette) that James Pilton of the garden furniture business went bankrupt in 1811.