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Wendy Jenkins / Col. John Bazalgette

My understanding, from these posts, that Wendy Jenkins' grandfather was John Evelyn Bazalgette son of James Arnold of Nova Scotia, and grandson of Col. John Bazalgette.

In the general discussion section of the forum I posted:

My grandfather on my mother's side was Reginald Bazalgette Richardson. In his later life he lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was married to Bea M. Irvin. RB's parents were James Forman
Richardson and Margaret H. Strachan.20

Perhaps his middle name came from a family friend. I have RB's book
"Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society" Vol. 30 1954. On
page 220 there is a mention of a Col Bazalgette appears to have given a talk on Cooperative Building.

I don't see any mention in the family of whom my GF was named after or why. If Wendy is reading this perhaps your research about the Col. will shed some light on this. Wendy - see Charles response below:

Thanks. Philip Richardson Reck
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Charles responded in the general discussion:
I saw somewhere on the web during one of my Bazalgette trawls that RB was born on 28 May 1877 and his father was James Forman Richardson b. 12 Sep 1826, d. 16 Feb 1904 in Halifax NS. However, Col John Bazalgette was a prominent army officer in NS for many years as well as serving two terms as acting Governor General. He also had business interests such as in steel and coal. It is likely that James had some contact with him at some point. If you have
seen a baptism record it might show John or one of his many sons as

Charles Bazalgette

Hello Philip,

I have not come across your grandfather or his parents but following on from Charles' comments my great grandfather James Arnold and his parents worshipped at St Paul's church in Halifax and their records held in the Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management on University Ave in Halifax might be able to throw light on a connection with the family.

Hope this information is of some use.

Regards Wendy

Thanks for the information about the church, Wendy. Wouldn't it be grand if one could look at a particular scene or place at a particular time and see one's relatives and "know" that's what occured or ... oh so that's the connection?

Maybe we need a "genie" genealogical monitor screen!