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Welcome to Daphne Wallace

Welcome to Daphne, who is a daughter of Joseph Bazalgette Wickham, based in Washington, USA.

Hi Daphne,


There is a story told by the Rev. Evelyn Bazalgette that a red feather boa belonging to Fanny Bazalgette was left to Daphne Wickham (your aunt). Have you heard of this story, and do you know what happened to it? We are also most interested in any family documents and memorabilia that may have come down to you.

Best wishes,

[Please do not reply: oh, that moth-eaten old thing - we threw it out years ago!, unless (sigh) it is true]

Thank you Charles. I haven't heard of any red boa story. I do have a framed sketch of a Theresa Philo Bazalgette, about 1790, and I might have some Bazalgette silver (if you can tell me what the crest is!) as I always heard that my father's silver came from his mother Mia Bazalgette.

Hi Daphne,

Hmm - who else might have inherited the red boa I wonder?
Shame if it got thrown out.

If you have a picture of Theresa Philo it may be the same as one which many of us have, but of course it may be different. And if it is an original that would be very interesting. Is it possible to remove it from the frame and scan it? And which TPB is it? Mia's grandfather or her sister (Tizzie)?

The crest would be the lion which you have to get past when entering this site.

Any other family photos etc which you might want help identifying?


Sorry - you said 1790. It is likely to be later than that. There is a pair of pictures in circulation, one of Joseph and one of TP. They were probably done at their marriage (1816) or later. Btw I have some photos of Mia and her sisters - interested? If so I could post them on Facebook under the Bazalgette Family/Famille Bazalgette group or if you want to email me it is charles.bazalgette$ (replace the $ with an @ of course)