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Marion Bazalgette (nee Bunn)

We have received the following from Duncan Tribute:

A small and possibly insignificant piece of information: In the early fifties, in New Malden, Marion Bazalgette, also at that time living in New Malden, Surrey taught my then fiancee Patricia Lock to play piano over a period of some two or three years. It's also notable that Ian Willoughby Bazalgette (T221) has his portrait still proudly on display in New Malden Public Library, with the citation for his VC on a plaque alongside.

My fiancee became my wife in 1961 and Marion attended the service. I lost my wife to cancer and contact was then lost with Marion Bazalgette, I note that she passed on in 1977. Duncan Tribute - 13 Feb 2011

For your further information, Some several years ago I was involved in an active aircraft group, planning to build new Spitfires, but the only thing that put this on the back-burner was the absence of a supply of Merlin engines worldwide, for re-furbishing back to zero hours! With a colleague, we spent several visits with the Engineering wing of the RAF BBMF team at Coningsby and were very privileged to be given opportunities to clamber all through their very active Lancaster PA 472 and various Spitfires in their hanger.

Some more information on Duncan Tribute and his interest in the RAF:

Keeping up a fine tradition, I am currently a member of the 'Vulcan to the Sky' group, which has achieved a major step in returning a sole Avro Vulcan to full operational flight over a long period and with the support of our UK Lottery Heritage fund. We are presently fund-raising on a continuing basis in order to keep the Vulcan airworthy for display work through to 2012, to celebrate both the aircraft's sixtieth anniversary, together with that of HM Queen Elizabeth! I have supported the effort with several radio interviews to support the fund raising and provide aircraft history and technical details when a display is due in a particular region!