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Frederick Gerald Bazalgette Lucas

We have been contacted by Kathy Kromm, who has been doing some research into her local war memorial in Pembury. Frederick is commemorated their, although we do not have details of the connection or even his date or circumstances of death.

Anyone have any additional information?

He may be the son known as Gerald - if so he was a son of St Louis Wells Lucas and Louisa Bazalgette (1820-53). Louisa was one of the daughters of Capt JW Bazalgette RN. I may even have a photo of him, but will have to check. Does she have any dates? To find out detailed information about the Lucas and Bazalgette families she could visit the Society of Genealogists, who have the wonderful albums created by possibly his sister, Louisa Cecilia Bazalgette Lucas Lucas (which I have never been able to look at but would love to see).

The only Pembury I know of is in Kent, and I looked at a photo on the website of the war memorial but didn't see him. I'd certainly like to know more about this family. Louisa's mother moved the family to Tunbridge Wells shortly before her death, so that would make the locations match, as Pembury is close by. If anyone could make a trip to the SOG to photograph the Lucas albums I would be very grateful! Cecilia is also associated with the Lucas Hospital in Wokingham and is I think buried in the churchyard there.

I mean StJohn Well(e)s Lucas

I think FGB Lucas is the son of Gerald and the grandson of Louisa Bazalgette.

Kathy Kromm kindly sent a link to his info on the Commonwealth War Graves web site: