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Welcome to Val Bott

Val Bott has kindly contacted us as follows:

I am not rerlated to the family, but working on the 18th century residents of Chiswick, Middlesex. Louis (sometimes Lewis) Bazalgette had a house here in the 1790s and early 1800s.
Val Bott

Thanks for communicating this information, Val. I can expand on this information in fact. The house still stands on the corner of Chiswick Lane and now is just known as No. 2. It is a residence for retired and novice nuns and belongs to the Sisters of Verona (Camboni). In Louis' day it was known as Pond House, as it was close to a pond that had been filled in. It then became known as Grosvenor House.

I have more about its history in my forthcoming book, a copy of which I will donate to Chiswick Library in recognition of their kind help in my researches.

Charles Bazalgette