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I thought the lion on the crest was meant to be looking the other way....

Hello Simon,
My father has cutlery with the crest on it and the lion looks to the right. I have also seen a picture the crest/arms some time ago and am pretty sure it does there too. If you have access to one of those books on heraldry it should be there, because an English version of the arms was granted to Sir Joseph Bazalgette.
Best wishes,

You should have a copy of the original coat of arms documents (with written description) among Grandpop's papers, Simon. It's on a heavy card, if I remember rightly


I'll have a dig around in the papers over the next few days and see what I can find!


Hope you can find it - it costs at least $1000 to have one made up! My grandmother had one but I don't know what happened to it. I'd like a scan if you can oblige.

Dear Charles et al

I've rooted around in the papers I have but the document that I remember well is nto amongst them. What I have are my parents' collection of years and years of letters from us: very embarrassing some of it.

We are off to France in a couple of days time and it may be that my sister Evelyn has the itenm we're searching for.

Best wishes


Seeing Charles' comment about cutlery, I got up off my backside and went to look at our family cutlery. Sorry Charles, but ours looks left. Can't be anything to do with our politics can it?#


John, I gave all Pop's family papers to Simon. It was in the same box.

On the window version, the lion faces left (from indoors ...)

Hmm, it may be politics, or it may be to do with making a copy of a signet ring image. I don't know. Hopefully someone will find a copy of the arms and crest to resolve this issue.

Ooops! Not having been home for over a year I was there last week. Obviously my memory had been playing tricks, because the lion faces to the left on his cutlery after all.... egg on face time!

Still, any discussion is better than none....

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