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Welcome to the Bazalgette Bulletin Board

Just a quick post to get this board rolling ... [:)]

Thanks Clive and welcome to anyone visiting - please say hello and introduce yourselves. Comments and feedback on the site is always welcome.


Just so that everyone can see, there's no longer a requirement for people to register at the bulletin board to view, create and reply to messages (unless they want to of course!)

Simply entering a name as the "Display Name" when posting a message is sufficient for everyone to see who the message came from. Obviously the administrators can delete a posted message if it is inappropriate or offensive.

If any visitor would like to draw the attention of the administrators to a message of this kind they should contact the administrators using the "contact" link at the main home page or alternatively click on the following link (

All the best with the bulletin board!

Jason @ Synapse [:)]

To (hopefully!) put and end to the confusion regarding separate logins and passwords for the Bulletin Board and Family Tree sections of the site we have now removed completely the need to login at this Bulletin Board.

When creating or replying to posts you are required to enter a "Display Name". You're welcome to enter your name, a "nickname", or anything else so that other visitors can see who has posted the message.

The Family Tree section is now the only section that requires you to login if you wish to access information on living people.

Hopefully this will make things simpler! [:D]

All the best

Jason @ Synapse

Here we are in 2020 and it has been necessary to reinstate usernames and passwords for the Bulletin Board to keep spammers at bay.  Please note that the Bulletin Board and Family Tree sections of the site are in fact separate entities and so maintain separate database of usernames and passwords.  There is, of course, nothing to stop anyone using the same username and password to access both sections.  In case of any queries or problems please contact the site administrators using the "Get In Touch" contact form on the main site.  Thanks - Clive Sheppard.

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